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With the invention of cell phones over the past quarter century massive changes and development have occurred throughout the world. The face of communication has totally changed and communicating anywhere, anytime has become a way of life. Thanks to wireless networks this development wouldn't have occurred at all.

Wireless networks have grown globally and so have new cell sites and towers. These towers are the backbone for all cellular networks and constructing them or placing them in strategic places is a challenge for all wireless companies.

During the early years when cell phone was still making its position in the market, companies focussed on getting the best prime land at strategic points for setting up their towers. This led to discriminate use of land that was 'considered' to be prime or the most strategically placed one. Companies were after landowners who they considered to be in possession of prime land to part with their lands at any cost. Either land was leased out to these companies or sold to them.

With the times changing and the 1st generation or 2nd generation phones going in for a rampant change and development, the need for higher altitude based antenna phones decreased. With upgraded technology and more modernised development of phones the need for antennas and therefore the use of wireless towers decreased.

Much of the preferred locations for setting up wireless tower is now concentrated on sites that are closer to ground allowing for greater bandwidths. This simply translates to cell phone users having more tower locations and can therefore use more services. And the so-called strategy of placement of towers simply metamorphed from best location to multiple location technology.

Because of this networks no longer need to concentrate on finding the ideal locations for cell sites and cell towers instead getting those that are best suited on the ground level. While all this has benefitted the users of wireless phones, the landowners that had greatly profited during the 1st and 2nd generation phones, have had to face decreasing rates on land leases. No more a playing ground for so-called 'prime property' landowners, landowners too have taken recourse to attracting companies with decreased lease prices. While some landowners realising the need of the hour, have cleverly manipulated to change their land leases into long term leasings. This kind of long-term arrangement is often considered as "money in the bank." But with the changing times and technological advancements, property owners too need to be more flexible and change their tunes to the need of the hour in order to retain their tenants. Such are the myriad ways of capitalism and modernisation.
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Wireless Tower

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This article was published on 2011/01/12