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Wireless routers are convenient to network users. A wireless connection allows the use of desktop or laptop computers from anywhere at home or office. Thus, you can use Internet anywhere if you have a Wi-Fi enabled device. For a Wi-Fi network, a wireless router is required.

A router is a networking device which forwards data packets between networks thus creating an overlay Internet work. Usually it is connected to two or more data lines from different networks. It is a device without the need for cables and also functions as a wireless access point. Routers are operational in wired Local Area Network, wireless only Local Area Network or a combination of wired and wireless Local Area Network.

Wireless Router setup is easy. Those who are tired of wired routers and want the freedom of wireless Internet access, they can setup wireless router and be a part of wire free world. Explore this article and learn the steps to setup wireless routers. When you have a wireless router at hand, you only have to connect your DSL or cable connection with it.

Step 1:  Firstly, remove cable or modem from the power supply and also the Ethernet cable (RJ-45 Jack) from the computer. Leave the phone cord connected to the modem.

Step 2:  Now, connect the end of the Ethernet cable i.e. RJ-45 Jack you removed from your computer to the Internet port at the back of your router. This port is normally marked clearly.

Step 3:  Plug the other end of your routers Ethernet cable into the Ethernet connector on the Ethernet card installed on your computer.

Step 4: Plug your modem back to the power source and check the indicator lights. Five indicator lights should be on: the power light, the Internet light, the security light, the wireless light, and the light for one of your Ethernet network connections. Also, all the indicator lights should be stable or else, you’ll need to check if you have connected the cables properly.

Step 5:  Install router software that came with your wireless router. Run the software it as instructed in the router manual and test your system.

Step 6:  Products made by different manufacturers would always be slightly different from one another. Also, router settings for these routers are a bit more complicated to setup. If you have followed the above steps and it still didn’t work then you should always refer to routers user manual.

Step 7: When you have accurately installed your router software into your system, configure the device. Enter your Internet access username and password into the routers setup screen. Also, change routers username and password immediately to prevent unauthorized access.

Get better access to your home network and get the most out of your Internet connection. You can hook everything up to a network with a wireless router as it saves you time, effort, and money.

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Wireless Router Setup

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Wireless Router Setup

This article was published on 2011/08/19