Wireless Internet 101: Extend Your Wireless Signal

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We are always aware of the latest in technology, and it attracts a lot of customers. Do you think that technology will always improve in any platform? For the last two decades, technology has been rising over and over. From computers to laptops, and now we have portable tablets to access the internet. Speaking of internet, it is one of the most attracted hobbies for every user with computer and laptop. With the latest development of portable tablets, it changed and revolutionized the way we surf the internet. But we noticed that Android tablets can access the World Wide Web with wireless internet?

Wireless internet has made a huge impact on the field of internet, after broadband and DSL was introduced. How do we differentiate between the broadband and the wireless? For instance, a broadband internet was used to connect your computer in the World Wide Web using a LAN (local area network) cable. In other words, we use a wired cable that connects between your computer and the modem. On the other hand, wireless internet doesn't need of a wire cable to gain access with the World Wide Web. It uses a wireless signal that connects between your computer and laptop to your wireless router.

Where would you get the signal from your computer, since it has no wireless feature? It is very simple, and it can be installed on your computer anytime. All you need to do is to buy a wireless LAN flash drive and attach it to the USB (universal serial bus) port. But it really depends on the distance between your computer and the wireless router. If your wireless router has a limited distance for us to connect, consider it as a disadvantage. But if your computer is at close range with your wireless router, it will gain you strong access to the wireless internet.

There is one way for you to extend its distance with your computer and laptop, and that is to extend the antenna. There is an external antenna for you to buy in a local computer shop, and it's quite cheap. Once you installed the external antenna and adjust its height, it will increase its range for your home, office or school. Some malls are already applying massive wireless connection for the shoppers, and it's totally free to use. They are using a huge antenna on their wireless router, in order to increase signal within the mall.

It is an advantage for all internet users to extend their wireless antenna, so that we have no problem in accessing the internet anytime. Your LAN cable will always be your backup, just in case your wireless router is not functioning. But still, it is a revolutionized way for internet users to surf the World Wide Web. But they don't forget that most wireless internet users are having security, in order for other anonymous users to enter the password before gaining access. If you want to increase your limits in surfing the internet without LAN cable, you have to buy wireless antenna in order to extend its distance to the users.

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Wireless Internet 101: Extend Your Wireless Signal

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This article was published on 2011/01/10