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Cords are usually an eyesore. And yet thanks to wireless systems, your domicile is now looking a lot less like an office. The cordless telephone, the Bluetooth dongle, the wireless home theater system, they have all done miracles to rid your living space of the cable jumble. Now another digital wonder has come out — Wireless HDMI — so you could move that large-screen LCD TV from your desk to your wall without the need of the dreadful sight of dangling HDMI cords.

Wireless HDMI will allow you to enjoy high-definition audio and video programming in full 1080p without the need of drilling holes and running cables and wires between your TV and your Blu-ray player, DVR, cable box, or game console. Wireless HDMI devices are terrific for installations where your digital equipment are installed several feet apart — saving you a whole lot of time installing and connecting all of them.

This is particulary useful when you have got a setup that cannot store all your HD sources in one particular space.

This is how Wireless HDMI operates. The Wireless HDMI apparatus, which is often a little black box, receives audio and video information from an HD source such as a Blu-ray player, and sends this high-definition broadcast to your HDTV or HD projector using ultra-wideband radio frequencies.

Still in its infancy, Wireless HDMI technology as expected suffered from a few problems with early gadgets that delivered volatile video signals and was limited to short-range coverage. What’s more, right now there is still no official standard for Wireless HDMI, and providers are utilizing their proprietary technology such as the Sony Bravia Wireless Link, Philips Wireless HDTV Link, LG Wireless 1080p, and Asus Wireless Display Connectivity.

Soon the Wireless HDMI technology is going to improve, and almost all devices that use HDMI cables will have wireless connectivity built in them. A few of the more recent devices that have displayed terrific promise are those from Gefen, particularly the EXT-WHDMI Wireless HDMI Extender.

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Wireless HDMI

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This article was published on 2010/11/10