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If you have been looking at home businesses, you've probably already come across Lightyear Wireless. You've probably already figured out that it's a great opportunity. It just makes sense. Today's article is a review of the key reasons you should join our Lightyear Wireless team.

1. Lightyear is the one recession-proof opportunity. Everybody is already sold on wireless. No matter how tight someone's finances become, they always find a way to hang on to their cell phone.

2. The ability to create immediate income. Earn $100 Customer Acquisition Bonuses, paid weekly, for helping new people join your team. Use these bonuses to replace or supplement your current income.

3. Create long-term residual income from your business partners and their efforts and your customers. No matter what your age, this is a great way to plan for a secure retirement. Lightyear Wireless is the only company in the cell phone industry that pays out true residual income on the wireless bill of the customer.

4. Earn free wireless service for life by sharing Lightyear Wireless with just three new customers. You are going to have a cell phone anyway. You might as well get your cellular service for free. Additionally, you can show your customers how to earn free cellular service by referring new customers too.

5. We have the best training in the business. We'll teach you to aggressively market your business in your spare time We'll train you to market both on and off the Internet, and also share some closely held marketing secrets most network marketers don't even know about.

6. Our system is simple to use. It includes everything you need to be successful. Websites, capture pages, autoresponders, free leads and more. Our system is proven. All you have to do is follow it.

7. Support from successful full-time networkers. As a member of our team, you will never be alone.

When you reveiw all of these reasons, I'm sure you'll just makes sense to join our team in Lightyear Wireless.

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Review Why You Should Join Our Lightyear Wireless Team

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This article was published on 2010/10/27