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Some student housing or apartments may not provide a landline in your room, but many offer wireless Internet connection. It's possible that one wireless router is able to provide wireless connection to the Web at a student residential building. You can connect to a wireless network router with a PC wireless card. Most if not all computers these days will have wi-fi capability although older computers might not.

With the variety of PC wireless cards on the market it's not surprising that it can take days and even weeks to finally choose a card. Many people find themselves becoming undecided with several PC cards that potentially suit their requirements. You can often find online reviews and ratings of products which can sometimes help you come to a decision.

A new PC card is still worth buying even if your laptop has the function to connect wirelessly. One thing to make sure is that there is an available slot for the card. In most instances, this can be found on the side of the PC. You may notice a slot a few inches wide and a small button next to it. This small slot is where PC wireless cards go in. You should be able to find this slot on the majority of notebooks, but don't worry if not. Other options include; express cards and USB adapters which can do the same job.

It's likely that a new PC card can do better than a built-in device and improve speed and signal power. In some cases you may gain better performance by merely relocating or repositioning your laptop. Another thing you could try if you have access is fine-tuning the antenna on the wireless router. Though if nothing seems to work, it is probably time to get a PC wireless card.

Wi-fi capability lets you do more than just connect to a computer network and to the Web. They give you more freedom to move your laptop. With no wired connection you can even venture outdoors. Moreover, a wireless card can be installed in no time at all.

There are other types of wireless adapters like USB adapters, but these take up your USB ports. Limited USB ports make it ideal to take advantage of the PC slot instead. You should be able to pick up a card from around ten dollars. Things to bear in mind when searching for one include, signal range, transfer speed as well as encryption. In this day and age it's definitely wise to pay attention to security features such as WPA encryption security.
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Pc Wireless Card Adapter

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This article was published on 2010/12/24