Enjoy Wireless Connectivity with Wi-Fi Routers

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You have heard the word hot spot but don't know what this exactly is. With the advancement of technology connectivity has now become wireless and networking among computers and compatible devices are now possible without the use of wires. Don't understand? Well, let me explain in a simpler way. There are some designated places where Wi-Fi is in operation and these places are often called hot spots. The places are for public access where the people can connect to the network and surf Internet with a wireless device like laptop, mobile, etc. Some hotspots are exclusively designated for authorized users like hotel guests, coffee shop customers, or library patrons.

To access the network in a hot spot, authentication is required. You may wonder how it is possible. This is made possible by Wi-Fi routers. Now obviously the question arises, how does a wireless router work? You certainly have experience of cordless phones. These phones use radio waves to connect a remote to a base device. A wireless network works almost in the very same way. Instead of a network cable, here data packets are sent to a variety of destinations. For router configuration, you can consult a computer repair service provider.

Before delving deep into discussion, let's have a look at what is Wi-Fi. We are now a days very much familiar with this term but it mainly refers to wirelessRouterwireless devices certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. You will find the Wi-Fi logo on the Certified Wi-Fi devices. This signifies that it has been tested by the alliance. But now we consider all the wireless routers as Wi-Fi routers, not necessarily whether it is certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance or not.

Have you ever used a wireless router? This is mainly a network router having a built-in access point. Like other routers its job is to exchange data between the Internet and a local area network. In many cases, we use standalone wireless access points where a standard router port is connected on one end while a wireless transceiver on the other. In both of the two cases, the transceiver sends and receives data via antennae. For accessing to a wireless network, it is a must to have a wireless network adapter. Almost all the modern day laptops and mobile phones have this feature inbuilt.

Now, we will discuss on how Wif-Fi operation is done. To access to a wireless network the client device needs to have authorization. There are security feature that block intruders from accessing the facility. Once the connection is allowed to enter, the device can send and receive data from the Internet or from another local networked device.

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Enjoy Wireless Connectivity with Wi-Fi Routers

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This article was published on 2010/09/17