Benefits of Using Wireless Printers

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Wireless Printers have raised efficiency in the workplace by its capability to print labels, invoices and receipts whenever and wherever the need for them arise. Unlimited by the lengths of cables and wires, wireless printers can be relocated anywhere, repositioned to be conveniently near to as many users as possible, and they produce excellent print quality. Furthermore, they are not too expensive nor do they require additional costs for the flexibility, time and motion savings they provide.


Wireless printers have expanded further the usage of barcode labels. The device's portability make them the preferred printers in offices and warehouses, shipping docks, hospitals, assembly lines as well as in shops and other retail outlets. The advantages of using wireless printers are illustrated in the following examples:


Manufacturing Industries

Time and motion are two very important factors that determine productivity. The more time and motion are spent to finish any task, the lower the productivity.  So, having a wireless printer right at the spot where the items that need the labels are located will certainly save time and motion spent for label printing.


Without a wireless printer, manufacturing operations usually have centralized printing machines for various printing jobs of various users. In this kind of set up, labels are usually preprinted, with the date, batch number or other information manually written before the labels are used or stuck on the items.


Printing the labels as, where and when required helps ensure that the correct label with the complete information such as the date and time is printed and placed on the item for labeling. Some manufacturing facilities that are certified to certain quality systems like the ISO have to provide traceability information on the labels, not just the name or part number and the quantity.  Wireless printing can also make it easier to ensure the immediate and correct identification as well as tracking. Wastage of labels is also avoided because there is no need to print extra labels just to make sure that there are enough for the final quantity of finished goods.


Retail Industry Applications

Having wireless printers have also eased the burden of estimating the number of signage, shelf price labels, internal transfer labels, process tags for returns, price audits, and item price labels for bulk printing. Since an allowance has to be included in the printing estimate, there are sure to be extra labels. Wireless printers make it possible to print labels as the items are placed on the shelves. With less time and motion spent putting labels on shelves and items, less labor force is required. Actually the main advantage here is the significant reduction of human errors.


Shipping and Cargo Handling Applications

The use of Wireless mobile printers in shipping and cargo handling operations has been known to save time and prevent errors more effectively than in other application. For instance, labeling of pallets was accomplished in almost 40% less time while put away transactions were shown to be 60% faster.  Other activities where wireless mobile printers were found very useful were in re-labeling shipments received, preparing IDs   for delivery personnel as well as in printing safety labels. Their biggest advantage offered by wireless printers is that they can be temporarily set up where there is a sudden increase of activity and pulled out as soon as the activity is back to normal. Transferring wired printers would not be as easy.


Hospitality Sector Applications

Most activities in the hospitality sector are seldom within the confines of offices. Conferences in meeting halls, convention centers and other out-of-town venues will certainly need a lot of help from a wireless printer to prepare nametags, admission tickets guest cards, and coupons as needed, for immediate handed over. Advance printing may result to wastage as some guests may not come. They can also print security passes on the spot to avoid any security lapses. Other unforeseen printing such as name tags and IDs for last minute guests will be easy with wireless printers around.


Office Environments Applications

Offices will look better without the unsightly wire and cable connections. So, why not add a wireless printer to the wireless phone and other wireless office equipment. Movable printers can surely ease the burden of transferring printed materials by putting them where the job location is instead of bringing materials for printing to the wired printers. Wireless printers can also improve office efficiency by putting them at a location that is most accessible to majority of users.


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Benefits of Using Wireless Printers

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This article was published on 2010/12/15