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Wireless LAN There has been very well, and faster speed. The current mainstream products can not only achieve the rate of ordinary wired Ethernet, but also has a basic security protection. More importantly, the wireless network without wiring, so the consumer's home user, network program is the best choice. Coupled with Centrino Notebook Popularity, so most users to buy the wireless router is also a matter of time.

But as the popularity of wireless routers, the corresponding problem is also increasing. After which bought a wireless router how to configure that people are most concerned about. Actually, the wireless network configuration is not complicated, configure wired router wireless router and configure the steps almost, but some places need to look at a few minutes can be easily buttoned.

One place to place Get the wireless router, the first thing to do is put the problem. The role of the wireless router is the cable network signals into wireless signals, it is the core of the wireless network, so the location for the whole wireless network signal strength and transfer rate. It is proposed to select a not easy to be blocked, and the signal can cover all corners of the location of the house.

Wireless router should be relatively high position. Wireless signal is a straight line, every encounter a barrier, part of the wireless signal will be weakened, especially metal objects, it is the killer of wireless signals.

Wireless router should try living in the room. As the coverage of the wireless AP is a circular area, only placed in the room the wireless AP in order to protect the position of each room can receive wireless signals, so as to effectively access the wireless network. Wireless network can automatically adjust transmission rate to adapt to the complex network environment. From the more recent wireless AP, wireless signal is stronger, the smaller the disturbance, the higher data rate. Do not pass through too many walls

, especially cast reinforced concrete wall. Experimental results show that in the 10 meters distance, wireless signal through two block walls, you can still achieve the nominal maximum transmission rate, but then through the floor slab, the transmission rate will be only half the nominal rate. Can be seen, reinforced concrete wall on the wireless signals have serious implications.

II configuration carefully Place to find a suitable location is completed, the next step is to configure the problem. Each line with TCP / IP protocol network device has its own IP address, wireless router is no exception. General wireless router will have its own fixed IP address within the LAN, this design also facilitates access to the IP address we passed to configure and test the wireless router. Of course, models of different brands of wireless router IP address not the same, the specific instructions refer to the relevant. Also to note, wireless LAN and wireless router must be in the same IP network segment.

Next, open the browser, the address bar enter the address of the wireless network nodes, such as, see the instructions informed the wireless network node after the admin password, can enter the correct input after the wireless network nodes management interface. For a new router is not set-off, some Setup Wizard will appear (SetupWizard). Such as named ConnectionConfiguration page, we can select the type of broadband, ADSL generally choose viaPPPoverEthernet, and Cable or FTTB choose viaDHCP. If the ISP requires a username and password, we can enter the corresponding position in the following, and about the Timeout is set to 120s. Then we can ESSID wireless router set to default values WLAN, set after not forget to click Save button to save.

If you need to connect the wireless router as wired router 100/10M use wired network, then we also need to further set up. Such as IP / DHCP options below SystemIPConfiguration configuration interface, to a set when DHCP Enable, so if the user's wired LAN and wireless network card TCP / IP properties set to automatically obtain IP address from the wireless router Department can get an IP address. As DNSIP address, you can query a local ISP, generally can not set.

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5 Note wireless routers need - wireless router - office supplies industry

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