11 Golden Variety Of Cost Effective Procurement Of Wireless Routing

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Golden Week is coming soon, which is reformed from the statutory holidays the first Golden Week, and many did not travel in the 51 friends of the 7 days will be in a good vent about, and people may plan and Friends, family, eat and drink, while promoting friendship, while relief about the state of fatigue.

IT market can not be idle, of course. This does not, many dealers by engaging in promotional activities, special holiday vigorously, as eye candy to earn considerable income. I'll introduce several promotions in Wireless Router These routers promotional activities will continue until end of Golden Week, we can slowly pick during the holiday period.

TP-Link TL-WR340G + TP-Link 54M unit of a home wireless router TL-WR340G +, with low prices, excellent quality, features, listed by the majority of consumers has been like, it is suitable for home users. The current market price dropped to 150, high cost. Interested parties are to consider.

TL-WR340G + uses white ABS plastic shell, the side were black. Although its overall design style and TP-Link using several other "field development technology", the new wireless router to maintain a consistent look, it's tall to be slightly smaller. Wireless router at the top of the central plate area is transparent and not gray.

This wireless router before the panel, logo lights, model logo colors contrast with the body, so you can clearly determine the present state of the router.

TL-WR340G + meet the 11g standard that provides wireless connectivity rate theory 54M to support rate adaptation. This product positioning as a more basic, so it does not use "field development technology." But it's antenna from the standard 2dBi to upgrade to 5dBi, so it's signal covers a distance: indoor 100 meters, outdoor 300 meters, to meet the needs of most users. Wired connection, it comes standard with a 10/100M adaptive 10/100M WAN port and 4 LAN port adaptive.

Not a "field development technology" to bring this product even more important effect is that it reduces power consumption. This maximum power consumption of wireless routing only 4.5W, while the same domain show nominal 54M wireless routing technology TL-WR541G + reached the maximum power consumption of 6.8W. It can save 34% of the electricity. Wireless routing of power and radiation intensity is proportional to, so this route radiation generated is relatively small.

Configuration interface by all Chinese, TL-WR340G + provides a wide range of management functions. Users on the system, DHCP Server , Virtual server, DMZ host, static routing table, UPnP, etc. to manage. It supports MAC address-based access control, access rights management features available. In Wireless Security Is concerned, it supports 64/128/152 bit WEP Data Encryption, also supports WPA, IEEE802.1X, TKIP, AES and other encryption and security mechanism.

TP-Link's products, cost-effective, functional and practical, and simple, in line with our habits. TL-WR340G + is a relatively simple structure suitable for the construction of residential or student dormitories and other places Wireless Network Contact product, ready to set up quarters in the family or consumer wireless networks may wish to consider this product.

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11 Golden Variety Of Cost Effective Procurement Of Wireless Routing

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This article was published on 2010/09/14